Virgos having a bad week or so?

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A couple of my friends think I am too heavily invested in all things astrology. Maybe I am…

During the last couple of months before the Presidential election, my emotions would swing from being absolutely sure that Barack Obama would win to being fearful of the Bradley effect, voter suppression, and election day malfunctions. Knowing that McCain was a Virgo and often comparing the events in the lives of same-signed persons, I thought about how my “astrological” life would compare to McCain.

Do McCain and I share some Virgo tendencies? Maybe a few, I have a horrible temper and I am prone to gut reactions. While I had a pretty neutral view of him before his nomination, I throughly disliked McCain as a candidate and despised the way he campaigned. Funny thing, McCain is hilarious and likable when he’s being himself as he did at the Al Smith dinner. Ok, so back to my ruminating about McCain’s (upcoming at the time) devastating loss. So I comforted myself by saying that he is only one Virgo and yeah, he will suffer a historic defeat, but it may not be that bad, maybe he really does not want to be President…I bought it at the time, it was more about me than McCain.

Overwhelming, near-catastrophic, crushing was McCain’s loss to Obama.

Who me? I was elated, crying tears of joy, and screaming repeatedly at the top of my lungs (I’ll go into my 3 day hysterically joyful crying binge in another post). Yeah, it was just McCain…he is OK and Virgos are going to have a phenomenal month!

While at the end of the month, I may feel like November was incredible, the last week have been comically horrendous for me (outside of the Obama victory). Want some details? Ummm, you’ll just have to take my word for it. With all the flurry of unwanted activity in my life, I have tried to pull back and see the forest despite the trees. Is this a time of extreme clarity or is it just a result of poor decisions?

For years, actually since I was in my teens, I’ve always felt the pull towards creative people and creativity in general. For years, I would just think or talk about it and never put much effort. I am proud to say that this past year, I did take a huge step and create my website and blog. However, there is much more that I must accomplish. Recently, I noticed some signs of slipping back into contentment of things as they are and not as they could be. The events of the past week or so have really jolted me into focusing on my plans for the future. Is that why I had the week that will live in infamy?

Or was it just a result of bad choices? I am about to say something I have never said before, I DON’T CARE IF THE RECENT ACTIVITY IS A RESULT OF BAD CHOICES ON MY PART! Probably only Virgos can understand how hard it is to say that. We are very analytical of ourselves.

Personally, I think the past week has really because of the former, a week of clarity. So I’ll take it heart.

Now on to enjoying the upcoming Obama Presidency…..

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