NH primary: A tear in the eye, a dream deflated….for now.

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So was the tearing up genuine?  It reminds me of a husband who was caught cheating and then cried and begged for forgiveness. In that moment, he was really, really sorry that the hurt his wife and although he normally doesn’t cry, that moment was a good time as any to shed a few tears.  But if he was so concerned with the her feelings and so torn up about his actions, why did he cheat in the first place?  Were tears being shed while he was removing his pants and expressing his desire to get his freak on?  If he hadn’t been caught, would he have ever felt such great sorrow?  After being forgiven, will he go back to his old ways? 

Hillary, if you are so concerned with working hard to make this country great, what exactly have you done in the last 12 years?  While agreeing to go to Iraq to garner some future Republican votes (or favors), what great "change" did you implement?  Besides sitting around and waiting for the Republicans to make mistakes, how did you use your "experience" to move this country in the right direction?  Why should I believe that your number one priority is  making this country great for all its inhabitants, when you repeatedly try to dash the hopes of millions of Americans by telling us we are believing in false hope? Really, what is "false hope"?  Is it false because you didn’t have the foresight to realize it is what America needs and Obama realized it first?  Is it false because it threatens your career plans, because after all the Presidency is rightfully yours, isn’t it?

I feel like Alice in Wonderland when I hear the the Clinton campaign continue to berate Obama on his vision for this country.  Are they not aware that greatness starts with dreams and hopes?  Hillary’s response to criticism of their "false hope" plan is that John F. Kennedy had so many years in the Senate and that Martin Luther King, Jr went to jail and talked about all the "experience" they had in order to dream..so you can only have hope, dreams, aspirations, or a new vision when you have a certain amount of experience?  Whether or not you believe in Obama’s stand on the issues or question his ability to be handle the responsibilities of the Presidency, anyone who has the audacity to downplay or downright attempt to destroy inspiration and hope, is someone who does not deserve the vote of any American…I mean that is what makes us Americans, isn’t it?

Now everyone is saying the polls were wrong.  The polls weren’t wrong…it was the tear in her eye and the choke in her voice that drove women to vote for Hillary.  As women, we understand all the pressures of being a superwoman (a mother and/or a career woman).  As women, we understand that sexism still exits (How timely were the "iron my shirt" guys?).  And then there is the possibility of the first female President (for some of us we have another historic moment to contemplate, it’s very interesting being a Black female during this campaign).  And the issues…the issues..  Frankly, all the Democratic candidates basically have the same platform with a few differences.  So the only question  is who will be the best candidate to move this country to greatness…that would be Barack Obama.

In order to really make changes, legislation has to be created and the Congress has to agree and pass that legislation.  Why is the simple idea of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working together is so earth-shattering?  The country has a gut feeling and knows that only Barack will make sure the change happens, for him it is not the new political buzzword or new (and ever-changing) campaign slogan.  Other candidates are jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of receiving votes, and not because this change is something they genuinely want… at the very least, the other candidates will not work as hard as Obama.   Bringing the country together to make us great is a must for Obama,  it is a reflection and validation of who he is.

My dream, our dream was momentarily deflated.  Obama’s speech after the NH primary reminded me why he HAS  to be the next President of the United States.    

Yes, we can. 

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  1. I really liked this piece. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the primaries where Independents are excluded. It’ll be a great litmus test for Obama’s growing support in the black community.


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