The psychology of women and weight

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We are really, really, REALLY serious this time! Right? How is it that you want to lose weight…you think about losing weight on a daily basis…you see those skinny jeans in your closet every day…you try different diets…you know losing weight consists of burning more calories than you take in…but you still have not managed to lose weight or get to comfortable size. And by comfortable, I don’t mean, “I am 50, 75, 100 lbs overweight, but I am healthy, I feel good and I look good!” It’s not healthy, period. And if you are honest with yourself and listen to your inner voice, you will admit that you are not happy with being overweight. So how do you get past the hurdles you have had in the past? The challenges involved with losing weight have a lot more to do with what is going on in your head than what is going on in your stomach.

You must be clear on how the brain works and how it is processing your attempt to lose weight. Although you might say getting fit is your number one goal, your daily actions give a very clear picture of your real priorities. You may have 10 hours for work (including the commute), 3 hours with the kids (including extracurricular activities), 3 hours with household activities, and 2 hours with your significant other, and an hour for yourself. Maybe your schedule consist of 6 hours of work, 3 hours of class, 3 hours hanging out with friends, 3 hours of household activities/running errands. Regardless of your schedule, if getting fit is one of your top priorities, you have to set aside numerous times during the week to exercise and make sure you are taking in the right amount of healthy and nutritious foods on a daily basis. It is also a must to have time to yourself for good emotional health.

It is not “wrong” if you do not make getting fit a high priority in your life, however if it is not done, you will not be able to get in shape (in a healthy manner). So when you complain about not being able to workout or eat right, just tell yourself the truth…you have not made getting fit an important, daily priority. Decide to make different choices everyday, thereby changing your priorities…did you watch two hours of tv or did you spend an hour on the phone with a friend instead of spending an hour working out…because you were in a bad mood or stressed out, did you grab a large fry and a mega-burger for lunch or guzzle down a 32 ounce soda instead of a salad, water, and grilled chicken? Will you organize your schedule so that you will have 2 hours of household activities instead of 3? When losing weight really becomes a priority, you will find the time.

And then there is fear, the old pleasure and pain struggle. Have you ever noticed when it is time to work out, you remember a million other things you have to do, or find yourself easily sidetracked? It is simply your mind trying to avoid something it sees as painful. Although those other activities are distracting you from the “pleasure” of getting the body you want, in that moment, there is more pain associated with working out than not working out and your brain will choose what it considers to be the lesser pain. Realize that and take the first step anyway…put in that exercise dvd or put on your tennis shoes and head out to the gym.

Getting in shape takes work and is not always fun. There will be more than a few days when you do not want to do what is required…decide to move forward anyway. If you will stay committed thru the good times and the tough times, you will notice that you are starting to feeling dramatically better…physically and mentally. And you will reach your goal.

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