For those with wavering support since Rev. Wright’s comments….

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This a response, with some added comments, I wrote in reply to an Obama supporter who is not sure about her support after the Rev. Wright incident. Although she is aware that racial injustices still exist, she wondered if blacks were blaming the government for all our social ills. I believe anyone on the fence since Rev. Wright’s comments should read the following:

First let me state I’m a 38 y.o. AA female and a veteran. I am also one class away from completing my masters degree (WOO-HOO). I wanted to give you my background so that you can have some context for my comments. The thing I love about Barack is that although he knows that racial injustices exist, that is not the main focus of his Presidential run. He knows America has made great progress in the area of civil rights and that work still needs to be done. AND YES, MANY BLACK PEOPLE DO REALIZE THAT A PERSON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS…just like the government is responsible for theirs.

What bothers me most about the Rev. Wright incident is that people seem to be shocked that black people still talk about their feelings regarding racism. It seems it is inconvenient to some that Barack has lived part of the “black experience.”

Remember Wright’s comments were made in a black church with black members discussing issues affecting the AA community. If you strip away the theatrics from the comments, some of the points that he was trying to make were: (1) blacks are sent to jail more often and serve more time for the same criminal offenses as non-whites (2) since the gov’t did infect black people with syphillis as late as 1972
the conspiracy theory that government may have something to do with HIV is not so far-fetched (3) The comment about the drugs probably has more to do with the government dragging their feet with clamping down on drugs coming into the country and aggressively prosecuting street-level dealers (black) and being lapse prosecuting much higher-level drug offenders (many non-black).

If you were in a church with a female pastor that was railing, using equally fiery language, against the US for all the sexist injustices, would you be as upset or concerned?

And also a veteran, I can tell you you can love your country and still be very upset about the injustices of the US govt. Someone being enraged because some blacks are incredibly upset at the US gov’t for racism is like someone being mad because a person can be very much against the war but still support our troops…is that un-American to you?

Barack is trying to show his vision for the US which is based on unity and progress…part of moving forward is dealing with the past (even if it is uncomfortable).

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