I have a dream, part deux

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It was great.

I often proudly proclaim that I am unapologetically emotional, which is not too popular among my progressive “Sex and the City” girlfriends. That being said, I was completely surprised and caught off guard when I teared up on more than one occasion today, while watching the “More Perfect Union” speech from Barack Obama. Over my lifetime, I have heard so many stories about race, listened to many speeches, and watched countless television specials, and I pretty much thought I ready for any “pearls of wisdom” or “rhetorical flourishes” that Barack would produce. He regularly gives good speeches, so this one would be more of the same, right? It wasn’t just a speech, it was an experience.

After watching the video, I checked in on my other family members, some Obamicans over at dailykos.com and huffingtonpost.com. (During a particularly gut-wrenching evening waiting for the results of the Wisconsin primary, I found solace with dailykos members who were as vested in the outcome as I was and are some of the funniest people I have ever ran across on the ‘net.) The reviews of the speech were beaming, over-flowing, and magnificent and rightly so. There were, of course, some negative comments from people who in my opinion were probably never going to vote for Obama. It’s kinda sad when some people try their damnest to try to find some fault with Obama or his speech to diminish this moment and justify their dislike for this Presidential candidate.

Barack is incredibly gifted. Left to lesser person, that speech would have been the “same old, same old” at best. This also reminds me that I probably would have f*cked it up if I was on that stage in Philadelphia today. I probably would have had an attitude, “How dare you question how black people conduct themselves in church? Hell, the Rev. curses out black folks at church, on a regular! You think the comments about white people and the American government was bad, wait until you hear what he said about lazy azz black folks! David, role that tape!” I’m just sayin…

I have to admit, I was a little worried after NAFTA-gate, and the primary losses in Texas and Ohio. Concerns about his resiliency and toughness were calmed some after his response to the Clinton’s VP offer and all doubts were laid to rest today. Although, some commentators say some Democrats, and many independents and Republicans will find the speech unfulfilling because he did not cut ties with the church, for me it is more important that he is open and honest about his truth. For many Obama supporters, this re-energized us and deepened our commitment. The speech was so great that I can’t decide which parts to highlight…I’ll have to watch it again.

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