Got some dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

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As I woke up Thursday morning, I was dreading the spin from pundits and screams of victory from the the “Internet Fanatics for Hillary” sect. ABC’s debate was not Barack’s first sub-par debate performance, and I know that he is not perfect (although I often feels he has to be damn near infallible in order to wrestle the nomination from the “incumbent”), however, the debate left a horrible taste in my mouth. Probably because I had a few drinks while watching and playing defense for Barack, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what bothered me so…until I connected it with the responses the following day.

Gibson & Stephanopoulos, Co. were a debacle of an atrocity.

The people spoke LOUDLY.

Out of the thousands upon thousands of comments and numerous blogs, there are few that should be highlighted. The award for best blog title goes to The Guardian: Worst. Debate. Ever. Describing the tenacity of the onesidedness from the hosts, Bob Cesca wins the best sum-it-all-up-in-one-statement honor: “I was just waiting for Charlie Gibson to hurl a fist full of lapel pins at Senator Obama while shouting, “Where’s Natalie Holloway, Senator? Where?!”. Finally, displaying Obama’s unprecedented reach, a response from a popular 17 year old rapper, Soulja Boy.

The tide turned yesterday. The DNC has been put on notice and the Clinton camp must start accepting reality. What is most important to note is the enormous amount of SUPPORT from Obama’s backers…which will translate into votes, volunteering, and donations for the general election (we’ve already seen indisputable evidence of this in the primary). The overwhelming majority of Obama supporters have a visceral connection to the candidate and that is what will win this Presidential election…not to mention he is a great legislator, intelligent, inspiring, and leads in the delegate count, popular vote, and monies raised. There is no doubt that he is responsible for the overwhelming number of new voters and previous voters having a renewed interest in the Democratic party.

Some have dismissed the debate and Clinton’s negative campaign as giving Americans a preview of what the Republicans will do in the general. The problem with the debate was that questions about Wright and the “bitter/cling” comments wasted precious time because Obama has addressed those issues OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ad nauseum. We have heard the answers MULTIPLE TIMES (granted Obama needs to be sharper and retain his composure even if he has to answer those questions a million times). How could any reputable news organization NOT ask Hillary about Penn/Columbia/Pres. Clinton $800,000 payout, which she has not fully answered and has even laughed off the questions. Also the “Senator Clinton, when Bill Richardson called you to say he was endorsing Barack Obama, you told him that Senator Obama can’t win. I’m not going to ask you about that conversation; I know you don’t want to talk about it” remark was unbelievably biased.

Clinton’s “intention” for this kitchen sink strategy is not to prepare Barack for the Republican assault, it is to destroy his chance to become the Democratic nominee and people can intuitively sense that. Even with his faults, Barack is authentic…he authentically wants what is best for this country (not to mention he is qualified). Clinton’s intention comes through as a need for the power of the Presidency.

Thanks, Hillary, George, and John, SERIOUSLY. Barack will no doubt sail through the general election after the vetting he has experienced. And how does Barack respond? In the words of Attackerman, “… bear witness to perhaps the coolest subliminal cultural reference in the history of American politics”, Barack brushes off Clinton and the remix.

Barack brushes off Clinton (featuring Jay-Z’s Dirt Off My Shoulder)

The remix (featuring Jay-Z’s Moment of Clarity)

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