Be brave, Democrats, be brave

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Be brave, Democrats, be brave.


It’s time to stand up and proudly embrace the ideals of the Democratic people. Caring for those in need, from senior citizens to the working poor, by providing a helping hand when needed and a plan to create a path to success and self-sufficiency. Strengthening the very fabric and foundation of the American dream by vastly improving the education system. Creating an efficient, high-quality health care system to assure all citizens will receive adequate treatment, gain knowledge about preventative care, and transition to much healthier lifestyles. Support, strengthen, and appreciate our troops by changing the “leap before you think” mindset in Washington, providing top-notch veteran services, safely bringing our troops home, and building an alert, well-trained, proud military.

It’s time to reach…reach much higher. It’s time to aspire to greatness and inspire greatness. It’s time to look across this great nation and continue this rolling wave of hope, inspiration, service to others, and service to our country. From toddlers to teens to Gen X and Y to baby boomers to young-at-heart seniors, it’s a feeling…it’s there. From Democrats, to Republicans, to Independents, it’s a feeling…it’s there. We can see the light and feel the warmth of the American dream, we can stretch our arms to touch it, and finally we can hold it in our hands. Yes we can. We can rekindle the flame and illuminate the United States to again become a beacon for the rest of the world. Yes, we can.

Be brave, Democrats, be brave.

Over the years, we have witnessed the Democratic brand weaken. For political expediency, we have watered-down core values and beliefs. We trip over ourselves to rush to ideas which are diametrically opposed to ours for fear of “liberal” or “elite” labels. During the last 6 years or so, we watched our elected Democratic representatives sit idly by while our President pushed through an agenda which will mostly likely be recorded as the worst administration in history. I recall many occasions of Dems standing around and gleefully waiting for another Bush mistake. And without fail, the Democrats would start their childish finger-pointing reciting “I told you so” and “See how bad the Repubs are!”, but not doing a damn thing to rectify the situation.

Then Democrats proceeded to engage in an action which could easily be described as a dereliction of duty.

We were devastated by 9/11. We cried. We mourned. We prayed. Then that feeling of pride and patriotism blanketed the country and we came together as Americans. The world stood beside us and supported us. We rightfully entered Afghanistan and pursued Al Quaeda to destroy the terrorists who attacked us. And it was done…or it should have been. Assumingly, in an effort to extend our overwhelming feelings of national pride and strength, our President incredulously decided he wanted to invade Iraq. AND WHAT DID OUR ELECTED DEMOCRATIC OFFICIALS DO? Some strongly opposed the ill-advised war, others authorized the action. Results five years later: over 4,000 American military casualties and thousands of serious injuries, estimates of over 150,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, and billions of borrowed dollars to pay for this war.

Be brave, Superdelegates, be brave.


Superdelegates, ask yourselves what does it mean to be a Democrat (or what should it mean to be a Democrat)? What do you want the Democratic Party to stand for? What about the newly-minted Democrats, the Democratic vision, and the future of the Democratic Party? Put aside fear and fear-mongering. Trust your heart, trust your higher angels, trust the American people.

Be brave, Superdelegates, be brave. Now.

We need time to heal.

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