The fall of Bill “first Black President” Clinton: Bill, are u listening? Bill, are u there?

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Whilst (my new favorite word) reflecting over the past few months, I found myself having an imaginary conversation (in person, telephone, and voicemail) with Bill Clinton.  The flow had the feel of a spoken word performance. Between attending a few spoken word sets, Jill Scott, Love Jones, and Darian Dauchan’s "Damn You Barack Obama, you pretty motherf*cker", I am a huge fan of spoken word, operative word being "fan". I guess there is a first time for everything. So, I decided to let my creative juices flow anyway (and not a damn thing rhymes). Peace.

What?  Yeah, I heard about him
I remembered he opened for you at the ’04 DNC convention
He is sooooo fresh and so clean
NO! He is not the reason I’ve been out of touch!
It’s only September…
You know I love you man, and Hill is your girl
So she is our girl, it’s all good!
Talk to you later.

Bill, ummm, you’re taking this thing way too personally
You know we got love for you!
Being the first black Prez and all…
Yeah, I’ve read about him
OK! OK! OK! yes I like him…alot
BUT…we’ve got to fire Bush & Co!
He’s special and all but we’ve got to win
You held us down
But your melanin-challenged people…
Are not ready for an actual black President.
WHOA! Ok, I’m sorry. Jeez.
Yes, yes, yes, you ARE our black President
Calm down!
Gotta run, holla at ya next week after Iowa

What are u yelling at me for?
Those are your people!
I know I sound happy…can’t help it
But he’s inspirational and empowering…
He went to Harvard! So smart (and cute)…
I know she went to Yale!
Yeah, I know she is competent
(But he has more legislative experience…)
I’m just sayin’
Ohhh, it’s like that?
I have to choose, right now?
Be like EPMD
You gots 2 chill
Peace out!

I’ll make this quick
I let that sh*t go about drug-dealing
(Which is funny coming from yo azz)
Personal attacks Bill, really?
No, "fairytale" is not a big deal..
But where are you going with all this…

What’s wrong with her, Bill?
You. Have. To. Stop. Her. Now.
He’s our everything…second only to Jesus
Talk to her, get her to understand. Please.
This is really…I don’t know what to say
I can’t believe what I am hearing

Et tu, Bill?
Really, really, REALLY!
Stop with the ridiculous azz "The media is twisting my words!"
And now you are going to try and play ME…play ME?
YOU, Gore, Edwards..all won SC
Selective-memory-having motherf*cker!
Hell, yeah, I’m pissed!
I’m out, two fingers!

Hard-working Americans = white Americans?
You two are sooooo tired, I’m over you.

Bill, are u listening?
Bill, are u there?
I   don’t   think   I    can…
I can’t, I can’t stop crying
I’ve tried so long to keep it away…
That dark thought…an assasin’s bullet.
Martin, Malcolm
I feel nauseous
She was so nonchalant…
How could she?

Everything that’s happened, Bill…how could you?

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  1. I like this. I’ve had a few imaginary conversations with Bill my darn self! We still ain’t talking. But we may learn to be civil to one another one day. Who knows.


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