Hillary Clinton flunks another Presidential exam

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By early afternoon Tuesday, I could sense the superdelegate flood coming. The drip, drip, drip had become an open faucet. Giddiness started to set in as the realization that the history I’d been contemplating for months would come to fruition tonight. To use a sports analogy, we were in game 7 of the NBA playoffs and my team (this year, the Boston Celtics) were up by 9 points and there was 15 seconds left on the clock…and we had the ball. Between watching MSNBC on my PC and CNN on the tv, I would led out a loud scream every time we scored another SD.

BARACK OBAMA WILL BE THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE!!! Some news organization had already crowned him the winner, others were waiting for a few more delegates. I was ecstatic and overjoyed and immediately started thinking about the great opportunity of party unity available that evening. AND prompted by my celebratory champagne, I blurted out: I would be OK if Barack picked her as a VP! Dems working together…this will be great!

Errr. OK. For the last few months I have serious, serious, SERIOUS issues with the Clinton campaign. From the MLK comments to Bill’s SC comments to the Bosnia “misspeak” to “Clinton Surrogates Gone Wild” to big states v. small states to caucases don’t matter to hard working Americans = white Americans to “FL/MI were not important until I need the delegates” to sexism v. racism. Not to mention her schizophrenic personality, high negatives, and her “I want to claim the experience as the First Lady, but won’t talk about the negative issues or explosive problems from my husband’s administration and the press can’t discuss it and the Republican’s won’t mention it….because I said so.”

…so like I was saying, I was in such high spirits, I was willing to charge Clinton’s behavior to the (political) game and welcome her with open arms as a VP if that was Barack’s choice. She only had one task…one test to pass to show she was Presidential material, thereby qualified to be a VP: GET ON THAT F*CKING STAGE AND ACT LIKE YOU GOT SOME SENSE! But, as everyone knows now, she failed with flying colors.

I must admit I was fooled at first, OMG, she might get this right. She looked great (much better than she did after the NC/Indiana), her initial comments were gracious and thing were going well, then……well, Hillary happened. ME, me, me, me, me, me…the speech all about Hill, about what Hill has done, what Hill was going to do, and how Hill was going to continue to drag this out for as long as she wants. She was smiling as she heard the chants: DENVER! DENVER! DENVER! She took my empathy and kicked its azz.

As much as I have disliked Hillary, I have found myself feeling empathetic towards her. Early on in the primary season, I came to the conclusion that she would not make a very good President, ESPECIALLY compared to Obama, but I’ve found myself, on numerous occasions, having empathy for the fellow Democrat. WHERE IS HER EMPATHY? Shouldn’t she at least have that female trait, if she is going to call herself a feminist. Last night showed that Clinton’s number one concern is herself…damn the party and a unified front for the general election.

I am ready to work hand in hand with all Democrats (including Hillary supporters) and Independents and Republicans who are supporting Obama’s presidential bid. Let’s make this dream a reality.

As far as Hillary “It’s about me, it always has been” Clinton and her ardent “Denver! Denver!” fans: IGNORE.

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