Old School Jamz of the Week (Luther Vandross, MC Hammer, SWV)

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It’s time to go back, back in time….again!

Luther Vandross   (featuring Gregory Hines)  -  Nothing Better than Love (1982)

How can you pick just one song from the stellar career of one of the most beloved R&B singers of all time? Luther Vandross sold over 25 millions albums, won eight Grammys, and became such a piece of the fabric of the African-American culture, we were simply devastated by his death. Look up love in the dictionary and you will see his smiling face. Our Luther….

MC Hammer  –  
Pump It Up (1988)

Mc Hammer became a household name with the first album from a major record company, Let’s Get it Started. The single, Pump It Up, lit a fire across the country and Hammer became one of the faces of West Coast rap. With worldwide successes and a highly publicized downfall, MC Hammer allowed all to see the good and bad of the recording industry. Tribute must be paid.

SWV   –  Anything from Above the Rim soundtrack  (1994)

SWV, Sisters With Voices, amassed a large following after releasing a string of hits, including I’m So Into You and Weak. Part of the 90′s New Jack Swing, this amazing girl group sold more than 30 million albums. Anything was remixed for the movie, Above the Rim (which featured the prolific Tupac Shakur), and became a massive hit. Coincidently, CoKo’s cousin, was my hair stylist in North Carolina in the mid 90′s, she was great.

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