Why Obama won the Democratic Nomination (Video)

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Over the last few days, there has been a lot of discussion and debate about the outcome of the Democratic primary race. Since Hillary Clinton was assumed to be the inevitable nominee by political pundits, for over a year prior to Iowa, and since she built a campaign based on being the incumbent (Hillary Clinton even famously stated that “I will be the Democratic nominee” and “it will be over by Super Tuesday”), much of the focus has been on how Clinton lost. However, a new video of Barack Obama greeting his supporters shows exactly how Obama won.

On June 6, 2008, Obama spoke with his staff and volunteers at his headquarters in Chicago. This talk shed a bright light on the very core of the Obama phenomenom. Volunteerism, youth, commitment, team work, humbleness, thankfulness, hard work and humor…that is Obama and he inspires this in all of us.

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