Katt Williams Discusses the Election and Barack Obama

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African-Americans are re-evaluating our newly evolved relationship with the Clintons after the highly contested primary campaign. My take, “The fall of Bill “first Black President” Clinton: Bill, are u listening? Bill, are u there?”, reviewed the last few months from a disappointed, formerly staunch supporter of Bill Clinton using (or ATTEMPTING to use) spoken word. However, one of my favorite comedians and a fellow Virgo, started comtemplating this a few months ago with his hilarious take on the Presidential election. Katt Williams combines intellect and urban venacular to produce one of the funniest political commentaries this year. ***Definitely NSFW (Not Safe for Work)***


  1. ChocolateChiq

    Thanks for the additional info. I did check you out at IMDB.


  2. By the time he came to DC, he was rolling thru his jokes o fast this almost zipped past me. I think he’d had one too many interruptions in prior cities and his set here was rapid. It was still good to see live as I’d YouTube’d this and much more of the set I ended up seeing from 5th row. If he’s ever in your town, GO SEE HIM!! I managed to get my tickets the day of the show and 5th row was CLOSE enough.

  3. ChocolateChiq

    Hi Lady DI,

    So you got a chance to see him live? I luv Katt Williams and have seen nearly all of his dvd and tv specials. And he was here recently in Atlanta…I missed him, but I promise I will catch him the next time he is here. Thanks for stoppin’ by.


  4. Yes CC (if I may call you that), and I know your time is precious so I will link all Katt info right here for you to check when you can. Feel free to contact me if you need anything Katt related. I also have heaps of photos most of which are on MySpace. That’s private and only shared via email.

    First up is the infamous IMDb.com (all things sceenage [tv, video, theater, etc] – laughs). Now, you can read without a user account unlike a few months ago where a log-in was required. If you want to post, then you’ll have to register. I drop heaps of info for whomever right there. In that "More Katt Online" link, there’s a ton of unseen footage. Enjoy!!

    Then, I’m linking my Blog posts about the DC concert and then the 5 minute meet n greet in Baltimore. I did not see the show but I was able to capture some pics.

    Also but not considered finally, here’s some GTA4 vids which one seems to be missing… grrrrr…. and an interview from MTV in this post.

    So right there should give you a Katt Kickin’ for a few minutes at least. Keep it locked on that IMDb because that’s where I post MOST!!

    Thanks for lettin’ a sistah Blog-in!!


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