Old School Jamz (Soul for Real, Janet Jackson, Ce Ce Peniston)

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Soul for RealEverything Little Thing I Do (1995)

I had the pleasure of recently being reintroduced to one of the greatest R & B albums of all time (at least on my list of great R & B albums). Soul for Real’s 1995 release, Candy Rain, featured incredibly melodic, harmonic songs on top of crisp, well-matched beats. Discovered by Heavy D and intially catergorized as a boy band, the maturity of their voices and well-written lyrics allowed Candy Rain to become a critical and commercial success.

Because I am such a big fan of this album, I have to let you know what else is up with the group. Soul IV Real’s second album released in 1996, For Life, has been reviewed as better than Candy Rain (and I going to order it now and let you know what I think). Soul for Real has out a new single with JadaKiss, One Man. Check out their MySpace page.

Janet JacksonIf (1991)

Having been around the music scene almost since her birth, Janet Jackson has secured her place in entertainment history with her string of hits, foray into movies, presence in the beauty/fashion world, and being the quintessential MEGA-SUPERSTAR. The music video, If, displays the essence of Janet Jackson in a five-minute clip. From the 1993 album, janet, the single became a top five hit and helped the album become 6x platinum. In my younger years, I spent many a day trying to learn the dance moves from her videos as early as Nasty, but this is by far my favorite video.

Ce Ce PenistonWe Got a Love Thang (1992)

Along with Black Box, Ce Ce Peniston became one of the staples of house music. After being discovered in 1990 and releasing her first album, Finally, in 1992, Ce Ce Peniston became a household name with her incredibly strong voice and infectious dance beats. Two other massive hits, Finally and Keep on Walking, were also released from her first album taking it to triple platinum status. Ce Ce Peniston has also enjoyed success internationally, especially in the UK, and continues to make music and perform.

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