1. Niki

    I think another reservation is…can you wait until this person gets into office before portraying them in photos? While I’m proud that America is taking a black man seriously as a presidential possibility, I despise the fact that their blackness is why folks are so hyped about them. It’s not the issues they support or how they plan to change things..it’s "oohhhh…a black man…his black wife…black, black, black."

    We act just as dumbfounded as whites do over the blackness of the Obamas and the position they are in. If we truly want to get over race, how about not acting so brand new because a black man has made it this far?

  2. ChocolateChiq

    It’s art. If someone wants to portray them now, that is what art is for. Should shows such as SNL, not portray the Obamas now or what a possible Obama White House would look like? What if Obama loses to McCain? Should we not celebrate the his possible Presidency now?

    The first viable black Presidential candidate is HISTORIC! After we have about 5 or 6 non-white Presidents, it won’t be a big deal. After we have 5 or 6 female Presidents, that won’t be a big deal either.

    As far as their blackness being a big deal, tell that to our black children who have some pitiful black role models to look up to. The more we have the better for them and the better for the black society as a whole.

    BTW, I am sure you know that blacks vote overwhelmingly for Democratic Presidential candidate, over 90%, so there is nothing strange about the fact that we are supporting him. Had the Clinton decided not to insult African-Americans during the primary, there is a good chance she would be the nominee, not Obama. That being said, he is intelligent, inspirational, motivational, and charismatic…his knowledge of world affairs and world history is outstanding…he has always had my vote.


  3. When I first saw the photos I thought to myself, "Oh lord, another Tyra fiasco"…but then I read how much of an admirer she is of the Obamas, and thought to myself, If I was given the same chance to do it, I’d do it to.


  4. Very good article! I think that it is nothing wrong with her posing as Michelle. She is now becoming an icon for Black women and if Tyra wants to honor her by posing as her, then let her. We are always so negative, instead of looking at something in a positive light.

  5. ChocolateChiq

    FBC: I have a love/hate relationship with Tyra. As long as she is not on her talk show, I love her! I would do it…the first time ever a black model can credibly pose as the First Lady.

    Socialite: I completely feel that she was honoring Michelle, and the accomplishments of the Obamas.


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