1. I think it’s a little to late for anyone to come out and blast R. Kelly! They should have done it years ago, but they insisted on playing a pedophile’s music over and over on the airwaves. I hope R. Kelly’s daughters never in their lifetime have to come across a man so perverse as he is.

  2. ChocolateChiq

    There is no defense or excuse for the music industry sitting back and letting this thing play out. Flex did admit that they were at fault. I think the responses to Flex’s video shows that this ordeal still affects many of us. I didn’t realize how mad I STILL was until I saw Flex. About the time that video came out, I had a niece who was about 13 and really, all I could see was her as the molested girl. I was hurt, angry, and heart-broken…and livid that many people excused his behavior.


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