1. GREAT POST! I really can’t disagree with any of it. And Judd Apatow is the SHIT. I never really put too much thought into the procreation side of things…thanks for laying that out. I feel better now. It’s like sex is our DUTY…lol…

    I replied to your comment on my site…swing by when you have a sec.

  2. ChocolateChiq

    Thanks, Mr. Swagger. The procreation side is pretty important because it explains the "urgency" surrounding sex with men. I am hoping women realize that this does not make men perverted because of their preoccupation with sex…that’s just the way men are…and I am OK with that.

  3. Natalie

    I know you said you were only generally speaking, but I think that even generally speaking, men don’t necessarily think about sex more than women because they are men. They don’t think about it MORE than women at all. Like you said, women have more going on in their lives, but I don’t think that is a biological construct. If women’s place in society didn’t create so many time-consuming roles for them, then they would be seen as the "lustier" sex today.I believe that men and women think about sex the same amount of times, but the different ways they have been brought up, and the aspects of global gender history MAY give the majority of them different perspectives on the subject.

    I think both men and women are determined to procreate. I believe God created both sexes with the dire need to have sex. It’s not just a need for love and intimacy for women. To say such a thing would deny that women experience the urgent need for sexual pleasure. If reproduction were solely left up to men as well, we would have died out long ago too because we were created to procreate male AND female. Men are definitely not the only willing participants, or else nothing would get done. ;D
    If men WERE to want to have sex more than women, I think it would be because of societal acceptance of this normal behavior in men, and it’s reluctance to accept this normal behavior in women, in conjuction with the many roles women are expected to play in life, just as you mentioned–being with the kids, job, doing the cooking, cleaning, etc.
    Again, it is not a biological construct, nor is it just the way things have been naturally created.
    As for the Sam and Linda story, I don’t see why Linda would have to regret having sex with Sam, while it would be a triumph for him. I think there would have to be many more factors included in this story to make it complete. :]
    P.s.Love your site!

  4. ChocolateChiq

    Hi Natalie,

    I was a little lazy when I wrote the post, because I did not want look up the links to the studies and surveys, I’ve read about men, women, and sexuality. Some of the most credible and in depth studies bear out the fact that men actually have MANY MORE sexual thoughts during the day than women. (I’ll do the research and post.)

    A problem often arises when people talk about the differences between the sexes, because many people feel that differences equal inequality..IT DOESN’T! Different is just different.

    I didn’t mean to imply that women don’t want/think about sex or want to procreate–have sex. Men just want it more.

    Take for instance prostitutes and porn, although women use prostitutes and buy porn, but men engage in those activities at a much, much higher rate than women….men will DO MUCH MORE for sexual pleasure than women will.

    Also with many women there are usually some requirements for having sex (or even thinking about having sex with someone)…while some men may not have any requirement at all for having sex with a women (or having sexual thought)…he could know her all of five minutes, it is much more likely that a woman has SOME KINDA requirement (i.e. at least like the guy) for engaging in sexually activity with a guy…or thinking about having sex (with him) 100 times a day.

    Thanks for the comment.


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