1. J. Michalski

    Maureen Dowd is an extremely gifted writer. She is always direct and to the point. You may not agree with her statements, but if you spend some time and analyze them, you will find that they are all directly on the mark. And I am sure that is why you are writing your article. Her words have hit you hard. She is the Mark Twain of our time!

  2. ChocolateChiq


    The problem with this article is that there wasn’t much there to analyze. She uses a lot of descriptive words to state the obvious–no genius there. What is interesting and the reason why I wrote the article is because Maureen was VERY petty, tried to make a connection where there wasn’t one, and used personal attacks which were completely unprofessional. But then again, maybe I don’t read her column enough to realize that is the norm for her.


  3. Maureen Dowd has her moments. But this piece, to me, starts with a clever but tenuous premise and then instead of substantiating just buries it under a blizzard of snarky barbs and cutesy turns of phrase. "Puffed and buffed" is a pretty apt description of her writing style here, actually..

    To me it reads like an essay from someone who values cleverness over insight. Mark Twain always kept those two in the right order.

  4. ChocolateChiq


    I think she sat down and said: I need to write something snarky and cute…well Tiger and Desiree are big news…how can I connect them…and when I can’t make a cohesive argument, I’ll just mask it by adding some vicious jabs…I don’t like Desiree-she thinks she’s cute…I can’t believe Tiger had the nerve to cheat on her…popular, elite, privileged…yeah, I can make this work!

    At least that is how it came across to me.


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