1. A.GEE

    At what point will the African American Press, blogers, and radio personalities start to address President Obama, as President Obama? He has earned that respect but it seems as if “we” continue to address the President of the United States as just another brother by repeatedly addressing him as just OBAMA.

    How can we expect to move forward as a country and as a people when we are still the major offenders of disrespect? Do we have the right to be offended when some form of free press addresses him as just OBAMA. We asked for the media and the rest of the world to stop referring to us a Negroes or as black people but African Americans. But I still hear members of our own community saying just that.

    When will we decide that with history comes change, and with change comes responsibility…are you being a responsible African American and showing respect when respect is due?

  2. ChocolateChiq

    For the same reason, I referred to at-the-time President George Bush as simply "Bush", I sometimes refer to President Obama as Obama.


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