1. glamrock06

    VH1 did release Driven a few years back. I saw it. You may be able to view it on the website.

  2. ChocolateChiq

    Hi Glam,

    What I meant (and should have written clearer) was when will VH1 put it on their website or allow it to be uploaded on youtube (or hulu). I saw it when it came out, but have not been able to find it online.


  3. I like Diddy…Dont like Kim
    She’s become virtually useless since BIG went away…and she’s a trainwreck to look like

    Im waiting on the Craig Mack Movie :)


  4. ChocolateChiq

    Hello E,

    We can all agreed that Lil Kim has f*cked up her face, however, I have seen signs that she is correcting that (hopefully). But that doesn’t take away the fact that her relationship with Big was downplayed in the movie or that since her and Diddy (or Puff or Puffy or P. Diddy) were close. Craig Mack?!?!?!


  5. I have yet to see the movie…I’ll wait for it to be the USA movie of the week

    Maybe they downplayed the relationship becuase it wasnt really that big to begin with
    Because she was being pissy while they made it

    Or because they needed to pay too much money for the wax puppet needed to play Kim lol

    Okay..if I cant get the Craig Mack story…what about Loon? lol


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