1. kaz

    Some of your wiki information on the masons is incorrect. They were not founded in 1776, the masons have been along for a long time before 1776. Also, it is not "Conspiracy Theory" when it is fact. All of the symbolism in jay z’s video, as well as his clothing line, are not theories. It is reality. The real question is who is jay z representing, and why?

  2. ChocolateChiq


    I stated that (according to Wiki) that the Masons started in the late 16th century. The Illumanti was founded in 1776. "Conspiracy theory" or not? Heh. Maybe, maybe not. I’ve seen people "claiming" certain groups because they are attracted to some of what a group stand for. However, I think the "On to the Next One" imagery was mainly for publicity and buzz for the album.

  3. Ny

    The Illuminati are a group of extremely powerful men – there is no way in this world an entertainer would be invited to become a member. If Obama is in fact a member of this organization – then we truly have arrived!


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