Being Mary Jane, Episode 1 – Recap

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Being Mary Jane

Sex, Love and Life: Being Mary Jane

With all the craziness surrounding the Dwayne Wade’s “on-a-break” baby, Gabrielle Union’s “Being Mary Jane” couldn’t premiered at a better time. There is no such thing as bad publicity, am I right? So anyhoo, about the first episode….

Mary Jane is a professional, 30-something, African-American woman who is the bedrock of her family, host of her own talk/news show while trying to make sense of her convoluted love life. Picking up from the pilot which aired last October, Mary Jane is trying to rekindle the flame with an old boyfriend while her most recent ex, who she kicked to the curb after finding out he was married, continues to hound her. Ex-married guy pulls up to her gate for a surprise visit and new-old boyfriend politely confronts him…ex-married feigns ignorance about being at the wrong house, YEAH RIGHT!!! But things start to look up as new-old boyfriend invites her to a concert….

At work, a “Sandy”-like hurricane hits Florida and then the overdramatics start: Mary Jane is ridiculously torn between her boss’ need for an exciting exclusive with an elderly couple try to ride out the storm and her inner, moral being….YEAH RIGHT!!! Ummm, you know you are part of the 24-hour newstainment cycle, those type of stories run nonstop during crises, GET OVER IT!!! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the ex-married guy’s wife comes and asks for answers to all types of personal questions concerning her husband: did he make Mary Jane come, did he go down on her, did he love her….you know all the usual :(

Later that evening, MJ finds out her new-old boyfriend is taking some other chick to the concert. Oh, btw, he admits he has had casual relations with this woman. And much later in the evening, the ex-married guy track MJ down at the gym, yada-yada-yada, MJ gives in and there is nakedness abound.

VERDICT: salacious, pretty people, B-C list celebrity, situations that are relatable for some. However, I cringe at one thing that bother me about people….UNNECESSARY LIES LEADING UNNECESSARILY MESSY LIVES. Ughh..

Pretty sure I will be tuning in next week. #BeingMaryJane

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