“Gabrielle Union Blames Self For Dwyane Wade Cheating” – The Construct of a False Internet Meme

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Gabrielle Union + Dwyane Wade + Internet = Meme on Fire

Gabrielle Union

“A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on” – Someone who knew what they were talking about.

After taking another long break from writing, I would have never imagined my first two posts would be about Gabrielle Union. And for the record, I don’t particularly feel sorry for celebrities. Many in the entertainment/sports industries experience incredible highs and devastating lows, but hey if a person doesn’t want that life, they can quit their profession and leave the spotlight. That being said, I was ABSOLUTELY shocked to see how quickly an absolutely false meme caught fire to become the most hottest topic of the day, at least for black twitter.

So yesterday I was surfing the innanets as I often do, when I came across a few tweets a la “Gabrielle says she is at fault for Dwyane getting another woman pregnant.” I was floored. Umm-kay, while I don’t investigate every quote or story I run across on the web, this seemed particularly unbelievable. So as custom to most internetphiles, I combed through a few tweets until I found a blog post which referenced ANOTHER blog post so I had to continue to dig until I found what seems to be the original article about Gabrielle’s confession. Below is screenshot of the article on SandraRose.com,

Screen Shot

At this point, I am super incredulous so decided to follow the link to the Glamour article referenced and saw:

Screen Shot 3

Screen Shot 2
I read the Glamour interview twice and no where did Gabrielle blame herself in any shape or form for Dwyane sleeping with someone else. The first blog post takes two statements in quotes from Glamour, but the paragraphs in between are the cause of the “Being Mary Jane” star’s most recent controversy. It seems as if the writer was summarizing direct statements from Gabby, but those statements were not in the linked Glamour article.

I tried to contact Sanda Rose via twitter (the dreaded ‘@-ing’ someone) to find out if they were pulling information from another interview, but alas no response.

Gabrielle clearly states that her work schedule put a strain on their relationship because she was so busy. Now if a person wants to argue that a grown woman (or man for that matter) can’t decide to prioritize their life and put their relationship before their career, that is on them, however, I wholeheartedly disagree.

In record time, Gabrielle was relentlessly slayed+slandered+slaughtered all across the internets, even TMZ got in on the action today. Tweet after Facebook post, she was continually berated for being a self-loathing, idiotic, desperate woman……based on a blog post referencing an interview that said nothing of the sort.

I guess in this day and age, I really shouldn’t be shocked this happened…


  1. Ron Duke

    Sandra Rose is a hateful pig. His blog is continually filled sensational, inacurate stories which is why I stopped following. It’s messy and way too tabloid-ish. I am glad I cane across your article. This is how real journalism is done.

  2. why

    Who cares, the homewrecker broke up a marriage where the same accusations were being made. Then shaded the fuck out the real wife everychance she got!!!!!! Nobody feels sorry for this hoe! For years she walked around saying she didn’t want kids, but you with a man with two kids!!!!! How gross!!!!


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