Sometimes a Dame, Sometimes a Damsel, Usually Both!

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Dame: [deym] noun - the official title of a female member of the Order of the British Empire, equivalent to that of a knight.

Damsel: [dam-zuhl] noun - an unmarried young woman, originally one of gentle or noble birth.

Though not British, I am a woman who is part dame and part damsel.  Part Dame: I served in the Air Force, completed a masters degree, have a continually evolving career from management to web development, helped raised nieces/nephews, and dealt with a my mother’s death caused by cancer. Part Damsel: I am also consumed with love, laughter with friends, fashion, frivilous spending, celebrity/movies/reality tv, and decorating the perfect apartment. Basically, I am both.

I am blogging again because I love to opine…ABOUT EVERYTHING. I have a great talent for seeing past the trees and getting to the heart of the matter. You will see topics including politics, entertainment, spirituality, and living healthy. Having my own blog is PROBABLY much healthier than screaming at the tv/laptop or furiously typing a heated response to an asinine article or senseless comment.  Sooo, yeah, I pretty much think I have all the answers!!! Ok, I do actually listen to other points of views, and after throughly contemplating those arguments, I usually agree that I was right. JUST KIDDING!!!!!  *not really*



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